How to Mix Your Own Solution for Hair Loss Treatments

The evolving field of hair loss treatments often grapples with identifying the optimal concentration mix, especially for treatments still under evaluation. This comprehensive guide elucidates the procedure to craft a personalized topical hair loss solution utilizing primary ingredients.

Equipment needed to mix your own topical hair loss cures including beaker and scale

Introduction to Mixing Your Own Solution

Crafting a bespoke hair loss solution necessitates precise ingredients and techniques. Common treatments like RU-58841, CB-03-01, topical finasteride, and diluted minoxidil all fall under this ambit. The predominant solvents for these treatments include PG (propylene glycol) and Ethanol. Notably, some individuals might experience scalp irritation with these solvents, necessitating alternatives like PG-free solvent or the K&B solution. Available pre-mixed solvents for ingredient integration encompass:

  • PG Solvent: A blend of Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, and Emulsifiers
  • PG-Free Solvent: Comprising Ethanol, Glycerin, and Emulsifiers
  • K&B Solution: A mix of Demineralized Water, Ethanol, and K&B Emulsifiers

Equipment Needed

Preparing your mixture requires some basic equipment:

  • Selected Active Ingredient (e.g., RU-58841, CB-03-01, Finasteride)
  • Chosen Solvent (PG Solvent, PG-Free Solvent, K&B Solution)
  • Precision Digital Scale
  • Mixing Rod
  • 50mL Calibration Beaker
  • Transfer Funnel

Mixing Solution Procedure

  1. Power on the digital scale, setting the unit to grams. Place the empty beaker atop, and reset the weight to zero using the “Tare” function.
  2. Carefully add 2.5 grams of the chosen ingredient to the beaker, ensuring the scale displays precisely 2.5 grams.
  3. Following ingredient measurement, the scale can be safely stowed.
  4. Utilize the funnel to transfer 50mL of the selected solvent into an appropriate container. Subsequently, integrate the measured ingredient, ensuring thorough mixing until complete dissolution.
  5. The resultant mixture will have a concentration of 5%.

It’s advisable to store the prepared solution in a location devoid of direct light and at a cool temperature to retain its efficacy.

Tailoring Your Solution

The beauty of this method lies in its adaptability. By modulating the quantity of the primary ingredient, one can achieve varying concentrations, enabling tailored trials of formulations like finasteride, minoxidil, RU58841, and more. This empowers individuals to ascertain the most effective concentration for their hair growth needs.

Try Mixing Your Own Solution